Sinar Poseidon Gupita Training Center at a Glance

Sinar Poseidon Gupita Training Center (SPG-TC) provides course and training program for maritime professionals located at Jakarta, Indonesia. The company has years experience of training, and its goal is to provide professional human resource in maritime field.

  • 1999

    Established to Provide State of The Art Training for Indonesian Seaferers to meet Global Demands of The 21st Century.

  • Today

    We are keep growing and supported by Qualified Staff with Decades of "Hands On" - Experience at Sea and In The Class Room Assures Successful Completion of IMO Required Courses.

Why Sinar Poseidon Gupita Training Centre?

SPG-TC had a commitment to provide our customer the best maritime training and courses program with variety of important reasons including:

  • Maritime field specialization
  • Qualified and Experienced Staff at Sea
  • Approved and Accredited by Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Indonesia
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Mandatory curriculum as prescribed in Regulation of Directorate General of Sea Transportation
  • Supported by Adequate Training Facilities

”To build professionalism, autonomous, character, and excellence in the globalization era”.

  • To fulfill and perfecting the SPG-TC as refer to the International Standard
  • To advance the knowledge of the SPG-TC staff according to the market demand
  • To build cooperation with foreign maritime training center based on beneficial concept
  • To maintain the SPG-TC existence and growth in the globalization era

” It’s never too late to study”